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Canyon Country Teardrops extends a warm Thank You for your past patronage!
Welcome to the producers of the finest "New Teardrop Trailer"!

The original Teardrop was an efficient, tow-behind, airfoil-shaped trailer that became the rage in the 1940s & 50s. This unique camping solution was eclipsed nearly half a century ago by hefty RVs and motorhomes with no regard to portability or cost of ownership. These streamlined tag-alongs are now making a big comeback among the camping crowd because of their unique features and ease of use. The Teardrop's resurgence has grown out of a need for a light-weight camper that can be towed by a smaller, more fuel efficient vehicle.  The quick to no set-up time, comfortable bed for two and a cooking galley sheltered from the elements offers an excellent, cost sensitive solution. New-age owners relish hitching them to a classic car, hot rod, late model sports car or custom vehicle. 



Canyon Country Teardrops offers a complete re-engineered and updated version of the "original" teardrop trailer with modern materials and technologies while maintaining a hand fit and finish.

All models come standard with the items listed in this FACT SHEET.  All trailers are FOB Phoenix, AZ.  Delivery to the Continental U.S. is available.

You can call or e-mail us today to get your trailer "rolling" and become one of the many "Happy Campers" to own a Canyon Country Teardrop trailer

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