Canyon Country Teardrops
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After 6 successful years establishing and growing the business in Arizona, it is now time to pass it on to the next fabricating craftsman and true outdoorsman.  Should you have serious interest, give us a call or send an Email.
Teardrop Models - Cal-Deluxe

Cal-Deluxe 2018 Models:



The "CAL-DELUXE" is the "XL" of  Canyon Country Teardrops, the "Flag Ship" of our on-road model line-up. If you are extra tall or wish to accommodate a child or a pet, the Cal-Deluxe is an ideal solution for maximizing your camping adventure. This model is our widest and longest teardrop travel trailer.  With its complete array of features, the Cal-Deluxe is truly the "Head of the Family". 


5x11 (Cal Deluxe) - Specifications

Cal Deluxe

Body Length 133.5"
Overall Length 180"
Cabin Width (inside) 59"
Overall Width 80"
Cabin Height (inside) 44.5"
Overall Height 65"
Bed Size 4"x58"x80" (optional 102")
Galley Counter Height 40"
Galley Hatch/Open Height 78"
Frame/Ground Clearance 15"
Tongue/Dry Weight ~140 lbs
Trailer Dry Weight 1120 lbs

*Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice




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