Canyon Country Teardrops
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After 6 successful years establishing and growing the business in Arizona, it is now time to pass it on to the next fabricating craftsman and true outdoorsman.  Should you have serious interest, give us a call or send an Email.
Teardrop Models - Buzz

BUZZ 2018 Models:



The "BUZZ" is the lightest and most compact trailer in the Canyon Country line-up.  It weights only 670 pounds, but is designed to last a lifetime.  Although efficient and simple, the Buzz provides ample sleeping space for two adults. The cabin is outfitted with a single curb side door, cabin light, 12v outlet, cubbies and flip down shelves. This efficient design eliminates the need for a galley; an optional side mount table provides an external cooking workspace.


4x8 (Buzz) - Specifications


Body Length 96"
Overall Length 136"
Cabin Width (inside) 47"
Overall Width 68"
Cabin Height (inside) 44.5"
Overall Height 65"
Bed Size 4"x47"x78"
Frame/Ground Clearance 15"
Tongue/Dry Weight ~100 lbs
Trailer Dry Weight 670 lbs

*Note: Specifications are subject to change without notice

Buzz On

Buzz On

Buzz On

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